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das bärenbuch product photos

canon 550d with 50 mm lens and adobe photoshop

These are the product photos of das bärenbuch I made for an online shop called artpowered which sells art and prints of small artists from germany. When I printed this book in 2014 I tried to make it an high quality product. It has 244 offset printed color pages bound by handsewing with an embossed gold titel and black linen cover. It kind of looks like the holy bible but the content of the bärenbuch is non fictional. You can learn more about the book (which I am the author and illustrator of) and about the content here

das bärenbuch photo no1
das bärenbuch photo no2
das bärenbuch photo no3
das bärenbuch photo no4
das bärenbuch photo no5
das bärenbuch photo no6
das bärenbuch photo no7
das bärenbuch photo no8
kugelschreibär postcard
bärlin kreuzbär postcard
bär-tiger-mann postcard
sabbär postcard
max musterbär postcard