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graphic design
adobe illustrator, adobe indesign, pen, paper, girlfriend

This was a graphic design job I did for a cute little local store/cafe called lokalhelden in the inner city of augsburg which sells organic and local food (the breakfast is really awesome). We had a tight budget and had to be creative about the material as it should look and act like a chalk board but schould not be as expensive. Also there where sections like a todays offer which had to be changed every day and thus had to be writable. But after some research which only took about 20 years (or at least thats what it felt like) I found the perfect material. My girlfriend at the time (Lisa Jaklin - she has no website just yet) made the illustration elements for the boards which turned out really beautiful. After that I took the illustration elements (like cheese, eggs etc.) to adobe illustrator and mashed them up in one big illustration collage if you will. It was a really fun project and if you ever come to augsburg, germany give lokalhelden a visit! 

breakfast menu

breakfast menu close up
breakfast menu print file
breakfast menu illustration
drinks menu
main menu
drinks menu print file I
drinks menu print file I
exterior advertising sign I
exterior advertising sign I print file
exterior advertising sign II
exterior advertising sign II print file
interior of lokalhelden