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memodo graphic design and pr

digital and print media
adobe cc (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, aftereffects)

This is a selection of my graphic design works for the solar energy company memodo in munich. My intention was to bring a little more color and esthetics to the often boring looking company image of tech firms. To do this I experimented a lot with water color blotches and tried to match these colors with the product ones. What came out is in my opinion a very fresh and fun image of solar energy tech. In this style I did everything for memodo from flyers to writing pads to banners to commercial gifs. It was an interesting experience merging my sketchbook kind of art style with custom graphic design.

reminder email banner for webinar no1
reminder email banner for webinar no2
giftcard front/back
writing pad dina4
desk pad dina3
desk pad and writing pads
website ad no1
website ad no2
website ad no3
commercial flyer for the tesla powerwall solar system / front
comercial flyer with info graphic / back
photo of tesla powerwall flyer
europe football cup 2016 game plan for betting scores
commercial banner gif