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tiere mit was an

scissors, cutter, magazines, animal picture books and glue

I made these artworks for a store called Suslet that sells fair and organic cotton clothing. I hade only three weeks to do them before the stores opening day. I made roughly 40 collages and some more after the store already opened, as some got sold and there were walls to be filled. As they are sold in a regular store and not in a n art galery the pricing is pretty low between 30,00€ and 60,00€, framed in beautiful second hand wooden frames. It was fun making these because most of the characters I created tell an interesting story. 

fashionable goat
hot deer
dancing chicken
young ganddad deer
loughing lion
bird and frog
sassy goat
skating deer
faschion snake
traveling bird
dancing swan
cool camel
young grandma storch
captain smoking goat
shellfish girl
guitar swan
laughing jaguar
kung fu cat