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Hi, my name is Markus Wülbern and I am an 28 years old artist from Germany. I wanted to become an artist from a very young age and tried myself in all kinds of creative disciplines from drawing over shooting and cutting videos to printing t-shirts.
After I finished university I published a extremly funny artbook illustrating over 300 selfmade german wordplays with bears (see Das Bärenbuch). It combined my humor and creativity in such a good way that I crowdfunded the print of 1000 copies for which I collected over 10.000 Euros. Now, a few years later, art still forms my ervery day life significantly. I love doing collages because of the creative challenge of arranging shapes and colors in a perfect layout. Everytime I finish an artwork my heart opens and I feel the pure bliss of love flowing through my veins. Thats how I know it is finished. And thats what I want you to experience as well.
So have fun browsing through my website and feel free to contact me for a colaboration or just to say Hi.

I do:

grafic design

commuication design

video shooting and editing




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born november 29. in 1989

moved to augsburg in 2010

finished university in 2014

crowdfunded, printed and published his book „Das Bären- buch“ in november 2014

traveled south east asia from april 2015 - april 2016

first exibition in a galerie in oktober 2017


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„layers between good and evil“
(orig. title: Schichten zwischen Gut und Böse)
september - oktober 2017
galerie mz

„Das Bärenbuch“
august - september 2017
galerie karin sachs